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28 Mar

How to be powerful than other job seekers – By Somesh

Hi Dear Friend,

There are two things to be considered to become Powerful than other Job

Those two things are…

1. Things Which Can Not Be Changed
2. Things Which Can Be Changed

Let us go through these things briefly …

1. Things Which Can Not Be Changed

Your Educational Qualification
Your Academic Score

As everyone knows, these are the facts, which cannot be changed. Even if
you want improve qualification , it takes time and as well as other Job
seekers with that qualification are ready to compete with you. So Let’s
not worry about these things.

2.Things Which Can Be Changed

Your Resume
Your Cover Letter
Your Communication Skills
Your Presentation Skills
Your Aptitude Exam Skills
Your Group Discussion Skills
Your Subject Skills
Your Body Language
Your Job Referrals
Your Preparation Methodology
Your Job Search Skills
Your HR Interview
Your Core Interview
Your Back Ground Verification

These are things which you can Improve ; So that you will become
powerful than any other job seeker (Your Competitor).

Don’t forget this Formula Forever…

Your Knowledge = Your Success

All The Best !


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