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28 Mar

Positive attitude – 3 points for job

Its very tough to have Positive attitude , when we are in troubles.
Saying to have “Positive Attitude” is very simple, but facing troubles
and trying to be with positive attitude is very tough….

Let me express my views on Positive attitude

1) Reduce time spent on worrying ( for e.g. how can I get job , when can
I get job…).So that you can save at least 50% of your valuable time.
2) Motivate yourself to increase your efforts ….( if you worry you won’t
get job. If you try only you will get job. There will be some solution
to get job, try to find that).
3) Rather than Believing that , “ACHIEVING JOB IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE”.
BELIEVE that “ACHIEVING JOB IS POSSIBLE” …This is what Positive
attitude, that’s all.

All the best !

– Somesh

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