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28 Mar

Quick tip -5 Days to Make Your Resume Powerful and Yourself Powerful @ Job search

Day-1: Take Your Resume and try to re-write better Resume. Many used to
say , i am already having good resume , so why should i update my resume
? Some used to say , i don’t know how to update resume.
I am going to ask you one question. If someone says i will pay Rs.10
Lakh for tuning their resume , what you will do. Immediately you will
start learning more about resume , you will read more books, use
internet, some or the other way you will build the knowledge and you
will tune the Resume. Isn’t it? I hope YES you will do. The same way if
you Tune your Resume , so that you can earn more than Rs.10 lakhs via
your job, so why can’t you tune your resume , by updating your skills .
So do this in Day-1.

Day-2: Forward updated Resume to 3 to 5 Known seniors / professionals
and ask them to give feedback . I guess sure , some one will respond to
you. If you don’t know you anybody you can buy some resume feedback
services for Rs.100 to Rs.200 . Try to get Resume feedback by some way.
People may respond immediately or after some days. Use their feedback
and update your Resume.

Day-3: Forward This Resume to job referrals , consultants and companies.
As your Resume is Good Looking and effective , you can expect some call
soon. In mean while try to think , how can you use your Resume to
develop your skills.
Take your Resume, try to find out the main keywords in that. Try to
prepare deeply about those. For e.g. if your Resume consists of Java
Keyword , know more and more about it. If your Resume consists of
Customer handling skills , know more and more about it. Like this way
you can develop your subject skills and other required skills. If
nothing important keywords you find in Resume , it means that your
Resume is not Powerful. So try to build resume with most action words.

Day-4: Try to write your resume on a new white paper without seeing your
Resume. Don’t think its crazy. If you could able to write your complete
Resume , it means that you are having complete command on your Resume
and you can able to present well in the interview. Check your skills. If
you could not able to write without seeing , it means , you have not
prepared well for Interview. So use your resume to test your preparation
skills. At the time of writing Resume , you will get new ideas to build
powerful resume.

Day-5:Keep a Resume Re-writing Planner . Have a target that after 15
Days your Resume should be more powerful. That means , you should
develop new skills. Keep a target like that make your resume powerful
and yourself powerful in a periodic way.

Keep in Mind that ,Your Resume makes you to get the job, as it will
reach to the interview prior to you. So make your Resume powerful and
win the job quickly.

All the best !
– By Somesh

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