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28 Mar

Top 10 Resume Mistakes – Avoid These and Get the Job

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1.Copying The Resume from some one
( Many candidates used to get the Resume from friends or known persons
and Change Personal / academic / Project details .Not Preparing the
Resume with their own skills )

2.Using Copied [Resume ] Career Objective
(Candidate thinks nobody knows about this. But Interviewer(s) used to
Read Thousands of Resumes every Month ; so they knows very much about
this issue)

3.Having 2 or 3 Different FONT styles at Resume . Not Having Consistency
of Resume Layout.
(E.g Using Time New Roman , Arial , verdana In the same Resume)

4.Preparing The Resume with Purchased Project / Thesis.
[At The Time of final semester, many Freshers used to buy the Project
(Dummy Project).The same Project they uses at Resume. They can’t explain
it at the Time Of Interview. They won’t try to do the Project or They
won’t try to Place the new Project. If Project explanation is not done
properly , candidate will lose the Job Opportunity ]

5.Writing Project Description in 1 – 2 Lines @ Resume

6.Using Personal Pronouns (I or Me) at Resume (For e.g I developed this
software Module, I developed this sales plan , etc )

7.Not Checking The spelling / Grammar Mistakes
( At The First time of Resume preparation , Job seeker used to check;
but miss to check the same at the time of Next Resume update)

8.Ignoring The Interviewer’s Readability @ Resume .
[Tip: Many candidates used to prepare the Resume from their Point of
view only.. Many candidates used to mention Their Personal/Family
Profile at the first page , which Interviewer Don’t require. Experienced
Interviewer can spend only 30 Seconds to short List the Candidate. So
keep in mind that, you Resume should be readable by the Interviewer]

9.Trying to fill the Gap with Negative Tactics ( Now a days Many
candidates are tempted to use Fake Company experience to fill the Gap;
as they afraid of Losing the Fresher Status to attend the Interviews. …
But it is very dangerous. Now a days Every Employer Used to conduct the
Background check for every candidate. This makes to lose the job , even
candidate gets the job)

10. Resume prepared WITHOUT Powerful Words.
[Tip: If there are No Powerful words, you cannot expect the Job
Interview Call. Try to Rebuild The Resume with Powerful Words]

-By Somesh

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